DEC Fire Blanket Bag – Orange


  • Made From High Visibility Orange Canvas.
  • Designed From Feedback from the people in the field.
  • Attaches Easily to the rear of seat.

Made In Australia



The Tusker Canvas DEC Fire Blanket Bag is a High Visibility Orange Canvas storage bag, which can be attached to the rear of your Passenger/Driver seat, and be easily accessible from the front seat in the emergency of a fire.

Our DEC Fire Blanket Bag has been design by using the feedback from the people in the field. Using this feedback we have designed a bag that can be attached in a variety of ways, and quick to access in emergencies.

With having the feature of a #10 H/Duty spiral Zip on either side of the bag, and a large easy-grab handle on the zipper heads, the fire blanket can be removed quickly and easily with one hand.

NOTE: Fire Blanket Not Included

Please remember to fold your fire blanket the correct way before placing in bag.


  • Made From High visibility, Orange Canvas
  • Easily accessible in the emergency of a fire
  • Large Clear Front Storage Pocket 
  • Side storage pockets for pens, phone & notepad
  • 38mm Q/Release Buckles for easy removal


Size: (Length x Width x Depth) mm

500 x 300 x 100mm

Weight: (kg)

Not Specified


Data Sheet

  • Manufactured In - Australia
  • Colour - Green
  • Canvas - Poly / Cotton Canvas


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