DEC Padded Radio Pouch


Tusker DEC Padded Radio Pouch

Made In Australia

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Custom designed pouch specifically for the DEC "Vertex Standard" Hand Held Radio/CB.

The Tusker DEC Padded Radio Pouch has been constructed using 12oz RIP STOP pattern canvas and a high quality 5mm Non-scratch Foam padding on the inside.

With an Extra large belt loop on the back, and the added "D" ring and Carabiner, this allows you to attach the pouch in multiple ways.

You can rest ashore that your radio is safely secured in your pouch by the H/duty 25mm Webbing strap with Velcro closure. Once your radio is secured in the pouch you can just through it in the glove box and not have to worry about it getting damaged.

NOTE: Radio Not Included


  • 5mm Non-scratch high quality foam padding
  • Extra large belt loop on back of pouch
  • Added "D" ring and Carrenbeena for multiple attachments
  • H/Duty 25mm Webbing securing strap, with Velcro closure
  • Nice snug fit around your radio


Size: (Length x Width x Depth) mm

Weight: (kg)

Not Specified

Data Sheet

  • Manufactured In - Australia
  • Colour - Green
  • Canvas - Poly / Cotton Canvas


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